John Rosman/OPB

Starting today, recreational marijuana sales in Oregon will be taxed at 25 percent. 

Ever since medical marijuana dispensaries began selling recreational pot on October 1, the sales have been tax-free.

The 25 percent tax applies to all recreational sales through the end of 2016.

Later this year, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will start licensing retail stores. Stores that become licensed will have a reduction in their pot sales taxes — to 17 percent.

Local governments can also adopt an additional local tax up to three percent.

Since October, sales have been limited to what cannabis produces, such as leaves, flowers, and seeds.

OLCC licensed retail stores will eventually be able to sell products like edibles, but that may not happen until later in the year.

According to the OLCC, more than 80 cities and counties around Oregon have banned marijuana sales.

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