The town of Rotterdam will allow for marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption locations in town, despite residents’ comments to opt-out before the state’s Dec. 31 deadline. 

The town held no public hearing on the matter, although many residents, and the school districts, commented on the subject at several of the last town board meetings. The topic was also never discussed as an agenda item by the board. 

“The Town of Rotterdam has decided to allow cannabis dispensaries,” said board officials in a statement Thursday provided by the public relations firm the Martin Group. “We believe that dispensaries provide a valuable revenue stream that will directly benefit the wider community and fund necessary services. If prohibited, residents will simply turn to neighboring towns and take tax dollars out of Rotterdam. The updated Comprehensive Plan and town codes will address regulations as to where it can be used and sold.”

The last approved comprehensive plan was in 2001. The Comprehensive Plan Committee released a draft of the updated plan on Dec. 17. However, the public has yet to comment on it. 

The plan only states that the town should “evaluate the appropriateness and land use impacts relating to

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