San Francisco police responding to a 911 call about a possible burglary at a cannabis dispensary last week arrived at the location in the neighborhood north of the Panhandle in what would appear to have been the perfect moment to make an arrest.

Three suspects were present. Police had time to shine a spotlight on a possible getaway vehicle, which was parked in front of the business, while a final suspect lingered inside the dispensary and would not exit for almost 40 seconds.

But instead of confronting the suspects or arresting anyone, police stood by as the final suspect exited the building, clumsily jumped into the driver’s seat of the gray sedan and executed a three-point turn in front of police vehicles and drove away.

The incident on Nov. 16, which was captured by surveillance video that was obtained by The Chronicle, angered the business owner and his daughter. She saw it as a deliberate choice to “almost allow the crime to happen.” It comes at a time when the city is bitterly divided over whether the police, District Attorney Chesa Boudin or city leaders are to blame as tensions over public safety issues mount.

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