Before going in, patients must have a physician recommendation to help with certain conditions including cancer, glaucoma, or chronic pain.

NEW ORLEANS — Smokable, flower form of marijuana, is now legally being sold in Louisiana for medicinal use.

These new products are now being sold at nine dispensaries in the state, including H&W Dispensary in New Orleans.

“November of ’19 I had my knee replaced and the best way to get off of opioids was this,” one patient said. “For those of us of a certain age, its nostalgia. It hasn’t been messed with, it’s natural, it hasn’t been processed or added to.”

A new law legalized smokable marijuana in the state at the start of the year. Before, only tinctures, gummies, creams and non-smokable forms were sold.

“The stigma is going away and people are recognizing it’s a viable alternative to their therapy,” Pharmacist Ruston Henry said.

H&W dispensary is the only one in New Orleans and Henry said he saw about 300 patients in his store on Monday, the first day smokable marijuana was available for sale.

“We knew flower was a more desirable dosage

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