Chicago, IL – SmokePost CBD Dispensary is a CBD store in Chicago, IL that is bringing quality CBD products closer to users in the community. The store has a strict vetting and quality check process that ensures that customers have access to premium products that have been selected from the best brands and manufacturers in the industry. Their commitment is to offer customers satisfactory products and services. To help more people tap into the health benefits and advantages of CBD products, the store is raising awareness on the uses and health benefits of CBD for humans and their pets.

The spokesperson for the CBD store Boystown, Elad Smadja, noted that CBD or cannabidiol is one of the over 200 chemical compounds that belong to the cannabinoid family. CBD is the second most prevalent active compound in the family and has been linked to the treatment and management of several health conditions, including epilepsy and epileptic seizures. The compound has been proven to relax the muscles, thus, helping people who suffer from epileptic seizures minimize the occurrence of their episodes.

Elad Smadja went on to state that CBD can also be used in the management and treatment of pain. People who

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