A mysterious blast in Southwest Detroit on Dearborn Street near Fort has permeated the area with the scent of gasoline, caused the road to buckle and sent a portion of a marijuana dispensary toppling.

Limited information was available on the Saturday evening blast nearly 24 hours after it occurred, with a Detroit fire official saying only that it’s under investigation.

The Detroit News reports residents were told a sinkhole was to blame, but the assessment induced skepticism. Neighbors say their water pressure is low, the “air reeks like you stuck your head in a gas can,” and that they had smelled gasoline in the area for several weeks ahead of the blast.

Some residents are taking precautions until they learn more:

(Gary) Buchannan said his two children have asthma so they are staying with their grandparents and he is staying home to make sure everything is OK.

Candida Leon, who lives on Deaborn Street, said the smell is making her nauseous and giving her a headache and she is worried because she has lung problems.

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