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Soaring sales at St. Clair-based Taste Buds Dispensary has co-owner Larry Stiffelman forecasting $2 million in revenue in its first year of operation.

Open just five months, Taste Buds is averaging around $7,000 a day in sales, putting the medical marijuana retailer, at 1909 N. Service Road E., on a path to double or triple original revenue expectations, Stiffelman said.

According to Stiffelman’s estimates, Franklin County should receive $45,000 in revenue from the 2.25 percent county sales tax in the first year; St. Clair should receive $80,000 from the 4 percent city sales tax.

In Washington, Kathleen Beebe, human resources director and regional manager for Missouri Health & Wellness, said, “we’re on path to what we expected” following a slow start. Beebe would not disclose revenue for the medical marijuana dispensary, which opened Nov. 30 at 901 E. First St.

Stiffelman and Beebe said supply has improved with time, as has the customer base.

“There were a lot of reasons why people were behind, I think COVID being the primary reason,” Beebe said. “Our suppliers couldn’t get building supplies

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