St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell will no longer prosecute cases for possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana. The new policy first came to light in an internal memo to prosecutors and staff from Bell regarding changes in prosecutorial policy. It was leaked to reporters during Bell’s first week in office. Bell was sworn in as St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney on January 1 after being elected to the position in November.

Although Bell said in a Facebook post after the memo’s release that the changes had not yet been finalized, in an email to local media, his chief of staff Sam Alton wrote that the new policy has already been enacted.

“For possession cases alone — not a possession with a weapon or an intent to sell — possession alone, that policy is in effect and will stay in effect,” Alton said.

Larger quantities of cannabis will also be tolerated by the prosecutor’s office unless there is evidence of marijuana sales or distribution, according to the memo from Bell.

“Prosecution of more than 100 grams of marijuana will only be pursued if evidence suggests the sale/distribution of marijuana,” it reads.

Alton said that cases for possession of less

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