Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried has always been pro-cannabis, and that isn’t going to change as she gains momentum in politics. 

Fried jokes that growing up as a Jewish girl in Miami, obtaining cannabis was easier than alcohol. “I’ve always been pro-cannabis but didn’t really understand the movement [early on],” said Fried. 

Her pro-pot policies would take shape in college during the ’90s and early 2000s. She recalls NORML frequently demonstrating at the University of Florida as her first introduction to the movement. In time, she would help bring a national great debates series to campus. Fried remembers the debate, featuring a then-High Times editor and a DEA agent, marking the first substantive cannabis conversation during her time at school. 

Legalization remains an issue Nikki Fried and scores of Floridians continue to advocate for today. A liberal working amongst a pool of mostly conservative lawmakers, Fried has established herself as a rising star in the Sunshine State and the national stage without striking a partisan tone. With a pro-pot policy, Fried is not afraid to educate and push back when necessary against opposition to the plant, including

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