WARNING: The video above may be offensive to some users.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Blacked-out windows on the Casa Diablo 2 keep anyone outside from seeing what goes on inside.

But an advertising screen recently installed outside the business gives anyone driving by a pretty good idea — it’s more than Nichole Hoffman wants to see.

“I was shocked when I first saw it,” Hoffman said. “My biggest concern was that my children and other children would see it.”

Hoffman called the City of Portland’s sign complaint hotline to see if the display violated any regulations.

Someone called back and left the following message in a voicemail:

“Unfortunately, we don’t regulate the content of the signs, so anybody can have anything on their sign. It crosses a line into First Amendment rights. And the sign is permitted to be there and it’s well within our sign code regulations.”

Another person has complained to the Oregon’s Department of Transportation about the strip club, Casa Diablo 2, which sits on McLoughlin Boulevard (also part of state highway 99-E).

ODOT sent what it calls a ‘courtesy letter’ to the business July 21, highlighting state law that bans electronic signs that show movement from any site visible from any state highway.

It’s what on the sign that still bothers Nichole Hoffman most and she doesn’t agree that limiting what’s shown is a matter of free speech rights.

“I just wonder about the rights of myself as a parent and my children, that I can’t drive down McLoughlin Boulevard now and not worry my kids are gonna see that,” Hoffman said. “I also don’t think the First Amendment protects that type of expression on a sign.”

KATU News tried to reach the owner of Casa Diablo 2 where the sign is located. Our call wasn’t returned by Friday evening.

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