State regulators Wednesday decided they will issue the two remaining medical marijuana dispensary licenses allowed under Arkansas’ constitutional amendment, ultimately raising the state’s total number of dispensaries to 40.

Amendment 98, the constitutional change approved by voters in 2016, allows for up to 40 dispensaries spread across eight geographic zones in the state. Thirty-eight have been issued, and in February members of the state Medical Marijuana Commission declined to issue the remaining two on the basis that the applications had expired before the meeting.

Three of the members on the commission in February have since been replaced by new appointees.

On Wednesday, commissioners voted to open the remaining two licenses in Zone 6, which covers a lower west-central portion of the state; and Zone 8, which covers the state’s southwest. The two zones are contiguous.

The commission brought up the topic of the licenses after viewing a map showing data on patients and dispensary locations throughout the state.

Chairman James Miller said he would be supportive of issuing the remaining licenses because there are fewer dispensaries in Southwest Arkansas than in other areas of the state.

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Commissioner J.P.

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