Sunny, hot and dry.

June 2015 started with highs in the 60s and three days of rain — a typical start to the month often referred to as “Juneuary.” After that it was all heat and dryness as temperature and rainfall records for the month melted away in Portland and across much of northwest Oregon.

“Eugene and Portland set new June records for consecutive dry days, a record that will not be easily washed away any time soon,” said Clinton Rockey, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland.

Rockey compiled an extensive list of records for the month for Portland and other northwest Oregon cities. 

The June 2015 highlights, from the weather station at Portland International Airport unless otherwise indicated, include:

Warmest June on record at the airport and in downtown Portland with, respectively, average temperature of 70.3 degrees (6.7 degrees above average) and 69.1 degrees.

Warmest overnight low ever for June: 71 degrees on June 27. The former record was 68 degrees in 1948.

Record for consecutive days with a trace or less of rain: 27 days. The former record was 23 days in 1985.


Record for days with no rainfall: 24 days. The former record was 18 days in 1951.

Record for days with high temperatures of 80 degrees or higher: 21 days. The former record was 16 days in 1987; the average is 7 days.

Record for days with high temperatures of 90 degrees or higher: 9 days. The former record was 6 days in 1970 and 2003; the average is 1 day.

Despite all these records, no high temperature records were broken for the month. The hottest day was 95 degrees on June 26.

And the 0.40 inch of rain that fell during June’s first three days made it the sixth-driest June on record. The record low for rainfall is 0.03 inch in June 1951.

— Stuart Tomlinson

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