The Oregon Ducks football program signed seven early enrollees to financial aid agreements in mid-November, but there was still one more player planning to join the fold. 

It took a couple of extra weeks, and he had to be the first in his school to do it, but ESPN four-star quarterback Terry Wilson signed a financial aid agreement with the University of Oregon on Friday and will be ready for spring practices.

“I feel relieved to finally have this part done with,” Wilson said. “Feels surreal. It was kind of shaky at first. I’ve been the first to graduate early at my high school going to a (Division I) university, so it took some time for my counselor to get everything squared away.”

The 6-foot-3, 187-pound signal-caller, out of Del City High School (Oklahoma), has spent the past month or so working with school officials and Oregon Director of Player Personnel Jim Fisher to sort out the academic details, but finally squared everything away this week.

Wilson was originally committed to Nebraska, but flipped to Oregon after an official visit this fall, citing a connection with the current team.

“The deciding factor, it was really coming out here, getting to hang out with the players. They take a lot of pride in the program,” Wilson told The Oregonian. “They are good character guys. It was good being around them. Seeing them play (Saturday night) was a big deal, too. I could see myself playing there.” 

Some wondered if the dynamic quarterback might be on the fence about his commitment this week, following the departure of offensive coordinator Scott Frost, as he was the main recruiter for Wilson.

In fact, Frost’s pitch that Oregon’s offense was similar to the one he ran in his high school was a significant part of the reason for Wilson’s flip.

“I was talking to Coach Frost (this fall) on the phone and he was telling me that our offense is similar to what they run. That makes it easier, too – easier on me,” Wilson said earlier this fall. “The stuff they run there is similar and I don’t think it would take that long for me to switch over and learn a new program, a new system.” 

However, Wilson confirmed earlier this week that he still a commit and had plans to sign a financial aid agreement.

True to his word, the dynamic two-threat quarterback inked the document Friday.

— Andrew Nemec

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