Florida officials are on “high alert” as THC edibles “are making their way into the hands of children and teens.” Of particular concern is the fact that the goods in question “bear a striking resemblance to ordinary candy.”

An image shared by the Charlotte Country Sheriff’s Office shows bags prominently featuring the trademarks of well-known candy brands such as Skittles and Nerds. At first glance, these items look just like genuine products. However, irregularities emerge upon closer examination. For instance, a “Cheetos” bag has a small label indicating THC content, as well as a triangle with a cannabis leaf.

Given these telltale signs, it is reasonable to assume that the target market for these products is not the regular consumer of the candy or snacks in question. The main purpose of the infringements appears to be the concealment of the true nature of the products from parents, teachers, and other authority figures. Of course, there are still risks that someone will ingest these THC edibles by accident. For instance, a person might recognize the Skittles brand, but not know what real Skittles look like. Moreover, some consumers might conclude that brands like Cheetos and Nerds are entering the cannabis market.

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