So,you’ve bagged yourself a bargain and ended up with way more weed than you candeal with right now. There’s enough of the stuff to last you a while, but youwant to hold onto its freshness and potency.

Thequestion being – what’s the best way to store surplus weed?

Contraryto popular belief, preserving pot properly isn’t particularly difficult.  Nevertheless, evidence would seem to suggestthat the vast majority of stoners get it wrong. And quite wrong, at that.

Giveyour weed the TLC it needs and it will take care of you for some time to come.So rather than throwing it in the first random box you come across, take a leaffrom the books of the pros and step up your storage standards.

Here’show to make it happen:

Avoid Accessories

Firstup, tossing your spare cannabis in the same place as your bong, your pipes andthe rest of your paraphernalia seems to make sense. At least, in terms of convenienceand accessibility. The problem being that in doing so, you could compromise theflavour and quality of the cannabis.

This isbecause the leftover burn residue lining your smoking paraphernalia can makeits way into your fresh bud. The result of which can be a harsh and unpleasantflavour, which

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