CANNABIS CULTURE – The Immortality Key is a bestselling book, which suggests a entheogenic role in the ancient Christian Eucharist, that originated with and was passed down from the cult of Dionysus and the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece. In this article Chris Bennett, who has written about some of these same themes and areas of history offers his views on where the book wins and fails.

Warning, biases ahead….

To be clear, this is as much of a ‘response’  and ‘discussion’ about The Immortality Key as a ‘review.’ With that said, this article is in no way intended to dissuade the interested reader away from The Immortality Key, but rather an expansion,  discussion and at times, dispute ,of many of the ideas expressed in it. This article would be best understood, after enjoying a thorough reading of the pages of The Immortality Key. I am another researcher, who has been down some of these same rabbit holes, and I come with my own views and biases.

For those who choose to continue with this article, without having read The Immortality Key, watch this animated video synopsis of some of the main points in The Immortality Key so you at

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