Len and Eli Goodman, the father and son behind local company Best Daze, stand in a forest of flowering cannabis, dwarfed by the greenery that stretches over 7 feet high. In between chatting about the warehouse yield surrounding them, they hug one of the potted plants, laughing, and Eli smells some of the bud he’s rubbed on his fingers.

Their passion for the industry and the plant itself is evident, and it’s shared by all of their 53 employees, most of whom are medical cannabis patients themselves, says the younger Goodman, who’s the chief operating officer.

“Everybody growing the medicine, everybody manufacturing and producing, everybody dispensing has a real belief in the importance of what’s taking place and knows that they’re helping people have a better life and feel relieved,” he tells SFR.

Best Daze opened in February 2018 and is expanding as the forthcoming recreational market ramps up, with a new shop on Mercer Street that’s expected to open later this month. The company, which is one of 34 legacy producers that carried over from the medical program and can begin sales to all

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