If you’re interested in using cannabis, you should know certain things like its benefits, differences between THC and CBD and consumption methods/cannabis products that you might want to choose from to find what is best for you.  Keep reading below and discover.

Why We Need To Use Cannabis?

You may be wondering why you need cannabis. What are its benefits waiting for you? Check out the following for an idea on the reasons people are using cannabis.


One of its potential benefits is on glaucoma treatment. Researchers are looking into deriving a drug from cannabis for its treatment.  After all, glaucoma treatment is one of the reasons that states where it is legal to allow for medical marijuana use.

According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana can reduce inside of the eye pressure. In fact, certain studies had it that cannabis could lower intraocular pressure for people with or without glaucoma (the 1970s).

But then, the studies are not conclusive and are in their initial stages for now.  Cannabis may also be for the short-term not for the long-term relief glaucoma.

Chronic pain

Treatment of chronic pain is another benefit of using cannabis, according to

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