If this is your first or hundredth time making cannabutter, here are my golden rules to making safe cannabutter:

Low and Slow: optimal infusion takes TIME! This is not something you want to rush, or else your edible will not reach its full potential and have a reduced shelf life. This rule also applies to consumption: if you are not yet aware of your cannabis comfort zone, start with a low dose. Understand the effects of each level of dosing: if you feel comfortable taking more, you can at your own risk.

Make Cannabutter with Your Final Product in Mind: many online cannabutter recipes recommend infusing large amounts of cannabis into butter (7-8g), to which you can use a small amount in any recipe. I do not like or recommend this approach as you do not actually know how much cannabis has been infused into that portion you decide to consume. I like to make cannabutter knowing exactly what I plan to make and how many portions I want out of it. That way I can control the dosage and ensure that every edible I make ends up with the same amount of cannabis-infused.

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