Just because Michigan (legal), Missouri (medical), North Dakota (legal), and Utah (medical) are the only states voting on statewide cannabis issues, that doesn’t mean marijuana reform isn’t on the ballot in all fifty states.

Earlier, we looked at three candidates for the US House, based on how NORML grades them on the issue of marijuana. Now let’s look at the important races for the US Senate that could affect the progress of ending federal marijuana prohibition.

No to Florida’s Rick Scott

Term-limited Florida Gov. Rick Scott is now seeking election to the US Senate against incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, who received a “B” rating on NORML’s Senatorial Scorecard. Nelson’s still opposed to recreational legalization as of this summer, but he’s miles ahead of Scott on the issue of medical marijuana.

Scott (NORML: D+) has led the fight against access to smokable forms of medical marijuana for Florida patients. Florida voters passed their constitutional amendment with 71 percent of the vote. It clearly stated that smoking medical marijuana in public was not allowed, which implies that smoking it in private is allowed, according to a judge who has ruled against Scott. Even after spending nearly $2 million in taxpayer money to

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