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Tina Leigh, Portland Author and Health Coach, Dies After Complications From Surgery
Willamette Week

Tina Leigh, a Portland author, health coach, entrepreneur and yogi, died Wednesday. She was 38.

Leigh passed away after surgery to remove breast implants she’d gotten at age 21. She’d recently decided to have them removed because she experienced negative side effects.

“I will lie vulnerably on the surgeon’s table to honor the natural frame I was born with,” she wrote in her penultimate blog post, on April 10. “I will be going under the knife this time because I love my body. Not because I don’t.”

“Off to dream of a seamless surgery, swift recovery, comfort, and peace of mind!” reads the caption on her last Instagram photo, a picture of her hands in a prayer, pressed to her forehead. “Time to return to the natural state of me.”

The Beaverton High graduate was known for her wellness company, Haute Health, and for crafting recipes for Kure Juice Bar. She also wrote four…

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