BATAVIA — Those who support having adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries and on-site consumption sites in the town plan to bring the matter to a public vote.

The Town Board voted Wednesday evening to opt out of allowing dispensaries and consumption sites in the town.

“We do have lawyers, lawyers that are working with a lot of other town and village constituents that are doing the same thing we are right now,” said Clinton Street Road resident Kelly March. “I’m very confident that we’ll have good guidance and people to work with.”

March said there is support around the county for opting in.

“We have very good support around the county and, I would have to say, the three-county system, too — Orleans and Wyoming as well,” she said. “We’ve seen a really good uptick in people opening up and talking about cannabis now.”

March said the town was going to reach out to her if there were any other questions,

“Another colleague of mine did meet with them and answered a lot of their banking and tax questions, which were of grave concern to them.”

March said Penelope Hamilton Crescibene of Corfu was the colleague who met with the town.

Voting Wednesday in favor of Local Law

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