TUPELO • As state legislators begin a jam-packed session, local officials are gearing up for the possibility of medical cannabis in Tupelo.

Basing the regulations on a legislation draft created by Republican Sen. Kevin Blackwell of Southaven and Republican Rep. Lee Yancey of Brandon, Tupelo city attorney Ben Logan in December told the Daily Journal he and his assistant attorney have built a proposed ordinance for some medical marijuana centers.

Logan said the ordinance is mostly complete and will be ready for implementation when the Legislature creates a statewide program.

If the legislation were to pass, the city would automatically be opted in to the program. City officials could, however, opt out with an affirmative vote 90 days after its passage. If they were to do so, voters could take the matter up in a special election to override the decision.

Logan said the decision to opt out of a cannabis program is an issue for city’s elected leaders to address, but the proposed ordinance will keep the city ahead of the curve, regardless.

“If they don’t opt out, we will be ready to roll,” he said.

The proposed ordinance used pharmacies and liquor stores as a template for zoning dispensaries on top of the

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