The University of Toronto has announced plans to implement a broad smoking ban on its three campuses beginning next year. If approved, the new policy would apply to the smoking or holding of lit tobacco or cannabis products, and the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. The university’s Governing Council is expected to consider the policy for approval at a meeting next month.

Smoking as a part of Indigenous ceremonies or for medicinal purposes would be exempted from the ban. Each campus will be allowed to determine whether to establish transitional outdoor designated smoking areas when the policy is first implemented.

Healthy Campus Initiative

Kelly Hannah-Moffat, vice president of human resources and equity, said that the new policy is an attempt to provide a healthier environment for the university’s students and staff.

“The main motivation for this policy is to have healthier campuses,” said Hannah-Moffat. “The health hazards of smoking and second-hand smoke are well-documented.”

Hannah-Moffat noted that the recent legalization of cannabis was a factor in the update of the university’s current smoking policy, which is nearly 25 years old.

“Our existing smoking policy is decades old and recent changes by the provincial government that allow smoking of cannabis in public spaces

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