Vapes. E-cigarettes. Mexico! Like a lot of people, my brother-in-law is trying to quit smoking. And like a lot of people, he’s not having much success. Which is why a few weeks ago I was sitting in the dining room of a hotel in Florida and he was standing outside on the balcony, sucking on an e-cigarette.

We had flown in a few days before, and my brother-in-law was delighted/not delighted to discover how easy it is to buy vaping supplies compared with Mexico. But luckily/unluckily for him, the situation in Mexico is expected to change. And soon.

The Ruling that Vapes and E-Cigarette Commerce is Constitutional

In a recent (October) Contradiction of Precedent (Contradicción de Tesis), the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that the blanket prohibition in the Mexico’s General Law for Tobacco Control (LGTC) to “trade, sell, distribute, display, promote or produce any object that is not a tobacco product, which contains any of the elements of the brand or any type of design or auditory signal that identifies it with tobacco products” is unconstitutional.

Sounds good, right? But the ruling did not expressly allow for the commercialization of vapes and e-cigarettes. In theory, it is still not possible

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