CANNABIS CULTURE – The results are now in after the first-ever legal clinical trial into the use of cannabis to treat PTSD, but did the DEA’s rules taint the outcome?

“One of the biggest takeaways from this study is that veterans with PTSD can use cannabis at self-managed doses, at least in the short term, and not experience a plethora of side effects or a worsening of symptoms,” says Co-author Dr Mallory Loflin. “That’s what most providers are worried about when their patients with PTSD decide to try cannabis.”

Many veterans with PTSD already use cannabis to self-treat their symptoms. As a result, there has been more interest among patients, clinicians, and researchers to see if cannabis is effective in treating PTSD. 

This study was the first ever randomized placebo-controlled trial of smoked cannabis for symptoms of PTSD in US military veterans. It was also unique because it used whole-plant cannabis, rather than single-molecule extracts or synthetic pharmaceutical cannabinoids. 

Seventy-six mostly male veterans between the ages of 24 and 77 completed the Phase 1 trial. Groups were each given a strain consisting of 9% THC, 11% CBD, or 8% THC/8% CBD. 

For a drug to be approved by the

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