Medical marijuana research is at an interesting juncture. On the one hand, there has already been a sizable amount of research done on the topic. Yet in many ways, much more research is needed before any clear and consistent conclusions can be drawn.

Unfortunately, marijuana related research has always faced a number of legal barriers. That’s true even now, as legalization continues to happen in more and more places.

A newly announced partnership between researchers at Washington State University (WSU) and Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC) is attempting to overcome these barriers in order to pursue a number of new cannabis research projects.

WSU and BRC Team Up to Research Cannabis

According to a press release published by Washington State University, the school and BRC have agreed to launch an innovative new partnership.

To put it simply, BRC will handle the cannabis side of things. And Washington State University will conduct the bulk of the actual research and academic work.

Specifically, BRC is already registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration to study cannabis and cannabis products. Additionally, the company is reportedly seeking approval to import and analyze marijuana. And moving forward, the company hopes to get licenses to grow its own

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