Good morning, Houston!

Wait, sorry.

The way some folks are fretting about Portland’s run of 90-degree-or-higher days, you’d think we had stepped into the subtropics.

As if.

Yes, folks, after a dip in that rowdy run of sunshine, it’s heating up again today. It’s expected to be 89 to 90 degrees in town today, about 10 degrees cooler on the coast – and your neighbor will mutter something (again) about global warming or melanoma or offending the goddess of rain and gloom.

But take it from your Saturday Morning Weather Correspondent, who survived six years in Houston and knows of what he speaks, you’re not gonna melt. Yes, your man is an outsider (he’s only lived here 20 years), but you’ll survive. C’mon carpe that diem, m’friends.

Melanoma schmelanoma. (Yes, please use sun block.)

Your Saturday Morning Weather Corespondent’s significant other, a native Oregonian, is quite put off when it’s suggested she needs to cowgirl up and that she wouldn’t last 18 seconds in Houston and maybe it’s time to quit whining. She defends the honor of the natives, loudly, and a chorus of pale kin often join in.

So be it.

The sun is shining across the Portland area this morning, with a Houston-like humidity of 86 percent. This will gradually move into a haze by evening, according to the National Weather Service.

The forecast calls for possible thunderstorms in the Cascade Range, bad news for wild-land firefighters working the interior of the state.

The forecast for Salem is dry for the weekend – highs of 91 and 92 degrees, respectively, for Saturday and Sunday – with a haze through much of Saturday, clearing by Sunday.

For anyone afraid of the heat in Portland, try the coast. It’s expected to be sunny in Astoria and much cooler – 80 degrees on Saturday, 75 on Sunday.

— Bryan Denson

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