Weed Maps of Oregon

Weed maps for Portland Daze? Where’s weed in Portland? All over the place. The Portland Daze makes finding medical and recreational marijuana easy. Our weed maps are a complete guide of all the Medical and Recreational dispensaries licensed by the state. We are constantly adding and subtracting dispensaries as the marijuana industry landscape changes in Portland and throughout Oregon.

Oregon has always been a pro cannabis state, weather open about it or not. The mountains of Oregon are known for growing some of the best buds in the world. Now, through the voice and votes of the public, this fantastic herb can now be legally purchased for medical use, cannabidiol therapy, and just for fun. Find the marijuana strains and products on the weed maps of the Portland Daze.

The Daze-Off discounts club, a members only special buyers program is here to bring savings to THC enthusiasts everywhere. Always mention the Daze-Off when visiting dispensaries and show your card or the cell phone version to get great specials and discounts on a variety of THC products.