MarijuanaUse of Marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes in Oregon from 1st July. On 3rd July, Friday, people of Portland and all over from Oregon, took part in the rally “Weed the People”, which was a celebration for the legalization of marijuana in Oregon.

Thousands of people took part in the rally including weed enthusiasts, weed dealers and weed growers. Medically licensed marijuana growers gave away free samples to interested people for further business. There were also business card exchanges between weed entrepreneurs and pot lovers.

“Cannabis is a great opportunity for us,” said D.J. King, a labor organizer with the United Food and Commercial Workers “There is a lot of money being made, and we want to be sure to spread it out,” she added.

The people smoked pot and were overjoyed on the decision of Oregon for the legalization of marijuana. The legalization of weed, makes Oregon the fourth state which allows the use of marijuana after Colorado, Alaska and Washington State.

In Oregon, it is now completely legal for a person aged 21 or older, to possess marijuana and after October 1, they will also be able to use weed for social purposes.

The regulatory of Oregon will start issuing licenses for weed from January and there are hopes that weed would be available to legal stores, late in 2016.

Although, weed is still illegal in most states of United States, the transportation of weed remains a problem for the people of Oregon. But still, “Weed the People” rally saw many weed growers, who were there with handsome amount of marijuana.

The legalization is an equally great news for pot lovers and weed growers, as both will benefit from it. State of Oregon may also be able to see an economic boost through marijuana legalization.

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