Let the budtender be your guide

One of the best parts of cannabis shopping is the instant community that you gain when you walk in the door. Budtenders are your personal guide to having an excellent experience, they curate and care for your cannabis needs above all things. Don’t be afraid to really chat them up, they often know the best products in the space — and probably the ones to avoid, too. Information is never out of reach, and everything from lab tests to product reviews is freely shared in the cannabis space, so grab it (and a beautiful preroll) with both hands. 

Get experimental

Lack of choice will almost never be an issue, and shops like Liberty have over 100 products to peruse, meaning that recommendation from a knowledgeable budtender could save you time and money. The selection is always there for exploring — so leave a small portion of your shopping list for trying new things, especially new to you products like topicals and beverages. The only thing newbies shouldn’t experiment with is their dosage: starting small is always recommended for the best first experiences, so pause after a few hits of a joint or a 5mg edible before having any

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