Ifyou’ve heard of ‘shake’ weed, there’s a chance you have heard nothingparticularly good about it. One ofthe most underrated and underappreciated forms of pot out there, it’s always ashame to hear of decent shake going to waste.

Butwhat exactly is shake weed? Or more importantly, is it really worth botheringwith?

What Is Shake Weed?

Carryout a quick online search and you’ll see just how split the cannabis communityis when it comes to shakecannabis. On one side of the fence, you have thosewho claim shake weed is an invaluable product that’s worthy of acclaim andappreciation. On the other, some insist that shake weed simply isn’t worthanyone’s time and is therefore no cause for concern.

Interms of what it actually is, shake weed is an inevitable cannabis by-productevery one of us has in our stash. Quite simply, shake cannabis is formed whenall the various bits and pieces of plant matter fall and collect at the bottomof the container. Shake weed is therefore that dusty and often grim-lookingsubstance you see in the bottom of your baggie or jar.

There’sno realistic way to prevent this shake cannabis from accumulating. As cannabisflowers are handled, transported, packaged and so on, all manner of bits andpieces are guaranteed

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