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Falling tree kills SE Portland woman

KGW Staff
12:54 p.m. PST December 9, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — A 60-year-old Southeast Portland woman died early Wednesday morning after a  tree fell onto her house.  Crews were dispatched about 3:40 a.m. to Southeast Insley Street and 92nd Avenue.

The woman had been in her bed sleeping when the 30-inch-diameter tree fell and nearly sheared the house in two. Her husband and her brother, who were also in the house, were not hurt.

A car outside the home was crushed, but no other homes were struck.

The woman’s family came rushing to the scene after the tree fell. Some of the family members were sobbing, hugging each other. One collapsed on the ground in tears, comforted by first responders.

Neighbors and family friends tell KGW-TV the woman who died was loving, and caring. One neighbor says she would always say “hello” whenever she saw him.

John Salsky is a family friend. He rushed to the home when he heard the news, in disbelief. He says the woman was a teacher, who taught his children. He’s known her for years.  “I’d say she was an angel walking the earth. She had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met around here. She’s really a good person,” he said, through tears. “It’s like a bad dream. I just can’t believe shes gone. For something like this to happen.”

Heavy rains that have flooded the region likely loosened the roots of the trees, said Lt. Rich Tyler of the Portland Fire & Rescue Bureau. He says this is a good reminder to take a close look at big trees, if they are close to your home. There are warning signs you can look out for, before a tree falls over. “Number one, the tree is making more sound than they normally do, or if you are seeing bulging around the root system, that starts indicating cracks in the soil. That’s going to be indicating a tree that could be potentially falling over,” he said.

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