By Not Opting Out, Westchester Largest City and NY 3rd Largest city, Opts-In

On a recent interview on WVOX Radio in Westchester (1460 AM) Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano briefly discussed the legalization of marijuana in New York State. Mayor Spano told WVOX in the morning hosts Dennis and Tonny that the City of Yonkers had no plans to Opt-out of permitting Marijuana Cafes and Dispensaries in 2021.

Spano also understood that if the Yonkers City Council took no action to Opt-Out, they were in essence Opting in to allowing Pot Cafes and stores to open in Westchester’s largest city and New York State’s third largest city.

The deadline to opt out is Dec. 31, 2021, and as we write this story on Dec. 30, there are no plans for the Yonkers City Council to hold a meeting or take action on any items until 2022.

Opinions are split in Westchester, and in Yonkers, about the legalization of marijuana and allowing its sale and comsumption.

The Rockefeller Institute of government -has created a marijuana opt out tracker, to easily find and identify which towns, villages and cities have opted out of permitting marijuana cafes and

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